This port is waiting for you to come calling.



Charleston was one of the primary ports of the United States from the days of the American Revolution to the bombardment of Fort Sumter. Next to Richmond, it is the most prominent Civil War city of the South. This is where it all started and Charleston has an incredible history. Honestly, there’s just so much dealing with the American Civil War to see and do in this very charming port city.


This is where the war started, and any fan of the American Civil War ought to pay a visit to Charleston. The city was able to resist being captured until February, 1865. This was due primarily to the fortifications that protected Charleston from federal troops.

Important Historical Places

Fort Sumter National Monument

Fort Moultrie

Secessionville Historic District


Special Activities

You can stroll around Charleston and be seduced by the ambience and historic homes you will find, such as the Nathaniel Russell House Museum. There are all kinds of walking tours. You can get an idea of how southern aristocracy lived by doing some sightseeing at the Magnolia Plantation and Gardens. You can also enjoy the natural beauty of the Charleston area at the Isle of Palms County Park. The park features some of the wonderful beaches you will find in the Charleston area.


Goodness gracious, we hope you’re hungry when you come to Charleston! There are some great restaurants and there surely is one to satisfy your appetite.

167 Raw (843-579-4997). Seafood is the order of the day, and you can get the best catch right here! The lobster roll is delicious and you can have a scallops’ po’boy if that suits your fancy. The restaurant is located near the waterfront and you can stroll off the key lime pie you enjoyed for dessert with the soft sea breezes for your delight.

Stella’s (843-400-0026). It is a new kid on the block and starting to get excellent reviews. Greek music creates a pleasant atmosphere and Greek cuisine is the order of the day (although the Eggs Benedict got some nice compliments. The restaurant is a reminder that in the Deep South there is international cuisine waiting for you to taste.

R Kitchen (843-789-4342). The restaurant has a Prix Fixe dinner menu of five courses and the selection will change every day. Absolutely wonderful service and the chefs are true professionals. You will need to make reservations as early as practicable.


French Quarter Inn (843-722-1900). New Orleans is not the only place with a French Quarter and Charleston is very proud of its own. This hotel has a reputation for excellent service and the rooms are spotless clean. French Quarter goes out of its way to do little extras and there is a wine and cheese event every night. Breakfast served is everything you hope to have in a high-class hotel.

The Spectator (843-207-4040). The hotel believes white glove service is what you should expect. The butlers are particularly helpful when it comes to wedding parties and the bar at the restaurant is a great place to quench your thirst after a warm day in the Charleston sun.

King Charles Inn (843-723-7451). The Inn is within walking distance of everything you would like to see in Charleston. The staff is very friendly and the rooms are clean and comfortable. There is also free parking, which is something hard to get in a downtown hotel.


Charleston Fun Park (843-971-1223). There are all kinds of museums and historic sites to see in Charleston, but the kids can get tired of it and want a little fun. Well, they’re going get a lot of Charleston Fun Park. There are two major golf courses, a go-kart track, and a climbing wall. The arcade has quite a few electronic games for your children to play. Granted, it is not Disneyland but it is a very nice amusement park for children.

Shem Creek Park (843-884-4176). The place whispers to you to take it easy. There is a boardwalk covering marsh ground and you can see all kinds of marine life just a few feet below you. The view is amazing and you should bring a camera with you to catch the sunset

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