Vacations are meant to be fun. It is a time when you can get with your friends and loved ones and simply enjoy each other’s company, along with some activities and sights that make everything memorable. Civil War vacations can be that as well as adventures into history. It is what we want to do with this site. We are pretty sure all of us have gone on vacations from hell. Things are disorganized, it was a bad hotel, or there was nothing for the kids to do. It always seemed that meals were fast food affairs. We want to give people the opportunity to indulge in their Civil War passion, and can remember the vacation as an enjoyable one. The information we have posted is meant to help you plan your Civil War vacation. You will be pleasantly surprised how many great restaurants and comfortable hotels are located close to Civil War battlefields. There are some other attractions in the area and you could turn what is usually a one-day trip into several days of fun. If you happen to be a Civil War reenactor, then bless your heart! People like you not only preserve our American history but also see to it there are a few more green spaces in the environment. You’ll notice there is a reenactor vacation page. Granted, many reenactors want to enjoy the experience of living in a campaign tent but not everyone. Those people who are interested in reenactment but do not because they can’t find a good hotel nearby, I hope this page encourages you to visit a reenactment and perhaps be a part of living history. You will be glad you did. This is all a work in progress and we will be adding onto the site as time goes by. If you would, please complete the quick survey we have posted on the site. It lets us know what you would like to see. Also, do feel free to send us your comments.